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Marc Juneau

Marc Juneau

Owner, Mentor, WordPress Advocate and Developer, Software and Technology Imagineer

Marc Juneau is the Owner and Founder of NOLAGraphics, in New Orleans, Louisiana, a media design firm which specializes in local search, WordPress development and design projects for a local, national, and international client base.

In August of 2016 Marc Juneau sold NOLAGraphics to Ben Boyce of Greaux Techologies, LLC who never paid for the company, NOLAGraphics sued Benjamin Boyce (Juneau v. Boyce, 2017, CDC No. 17-06394) and won in Orleans Parish court. NOLAGraphics was handed back to Marc Juneau by the CDC Judge and the company continues to thrive with its new industry partners NOLABroadband.com and ShiftHosting.com who gladly stood in court on NOLAGraphics’s side to support the company.

Marc studied software development and web design at the University of Advancing Technology in Phoenix, Arizona and while a student, worked for the world’s largest internet registration company, GoDaddy, where he became the Director of Training and Development. Marc worked for Yosemite Concession Services, Department of Training and Development for Yosemite National Park in California. Marc developed multimedia training content for all park concession departments, including hotel, food services, maintenance, retail, and administration.

Marc names all of his computers characters from Hitch Hikers Guide To the Galaxy, is an avid Dr Who fan, enjoys catching brass bands and funk shows on Frechmen street near the French Quarter, Can be easily distracted by the proposition of going eat sushi and Can’t wait to teach his 8 yr old, Marcelo Lis, CSS & HTML.

The latest update to all of this is that Marcelo Lis is now 15 is named Star Juneau and is the most Fantastic video editor we’ve ever met! They taught themselves Adobe Premiere and know more than Marc does about the program!!

Marc has moved up to the pacific Northwest on Whidbey Island and branched out to launch WhidbeyIslandWebDesign.com