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Chip Reed

Chip Reed

Director of Information Technology / Mad Scientist

Chip Reed, is a technological “Master Mad Scientist” when it comes to computers; he has been building, taking apart, and fixing electronics and computers since 1982.

After college, he joined the Air Force where he learned boundary protection and user security. While serving in the Air National Guard, he learned how to think about portability and rapid availability of service in a Combat Communications Squadron.

After a bout with reality, he was able to find sanctuary with such interesting companies such as Best Buy where he was a Counter Intelligence Agent on their Geek Squad.

Refuge also came from Barrister working as a Help Desk technician, and later as their Depot Technician. Chip was also the Network Administrator for the United States Sports Academy. He found a very interesting position as a Network Cartographer for Agilis Outsourcing… there is nothing like exploring your digital landscape and mapping it, much like a Lewis and Clark expedition.

And on a busy day here at NOLAGraphics it is not uncommon for Chip to be addressed as “Master Chip”. “The Hardware Master Mad Scientist”. He remains the cornerstone, the master hardware guy at NOLAGraphics. Forever on the hunt for computer and network problems! Chip is second to none at killing viruses, fixing hardware problems, and performing technological miracles.