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Amy Catalanotto

Amy Catalanotto

Chief Marketing and Advertising Sales Consultant

Amy Catalanotto has helped add dimension and relevance to the marketing and advertising sales programs of clients ranging from high-end tech companies and professional service providers to local print and digital magazine publishers.

Her work with industry leaders has a proven track record of top performing results. She can provide expert analysis of your current and past campaigns…advise you on effectiveness and return on investment…develop budgets and projections… Through a collaborative process she will evaluate your existing strategies and assist you with developing new strategies for both your immediate needs and long term goals.

Unlike some consultants, her advertising sales program is focused on training. She can turn your advertising sales staff into profit generating sales superstars and believes that the right people with the right training can sell nearly anything.

She challenges clients to find their inspiration and explore what inspires their customers. This creates the backbone to a dynamic and practical solution that is results driven and market focused.

Although her official title is Chief Marketing and Advertising Consultant we prefer to call her our Impossibility Remediation Specialist.