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Viral Video Production

Viral Video Production

Viral Video Production

Shareable content is the name of the game.

Everyone shares videos. All day long, web videos pop up on our cellphones, in email or on our Facebook walls. People share videos on Twitter, Vine or Pintrest. Let’s face it, if it’s interesting, someone will share it.

In our social media driven world, how we connect with each other is a seamless experience. When we “Like” something, or when we click the “Share” button we’re putting up a flag of who we are. Within seconds, we’re a part of the content driven world: that’s a powerful tool.

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Increase website traffic overnight: get some video.

Offering high-definition videos for your website, NOLAGraphics is changing how New Orleans businesses are seen by the world.

A solid web video helps potential clients get to know you. Web videos are an inside look into who you are, and what your brand represents. A good web video can catch fire, and next thing you know, you’re a household name. Having strong web content is an excellent way to climb Google’s rankings and increase exposure for your brand.

  1. Video can make your pages more sticky
  2. Videos can help your product rank
  3. Video as content creation
  4. Traffic
  5. Videos get links

Video SEO means optimizing videos in a manner that will allow rank it to rank higher on search engines. The time is right to start creating videos that get your company out ahead of the search engine curve. Here’s why! There may only be a couple of thousand of videos that are related to keywords that are associated with the type of visual content you would like to promote. Compare this to the hundreds of thousands of webpages that contain the same keywords and you can see that by posting video’s on your website with the proper search engine optimization techniques reduces your odds of attracting qualified leads who are seeking the keywords you want to be known for.

Though its impossible to guarantee results, reaching page one of a Google search engine results page is more likely with videos than it is with website pages. Videos are also fifty times more likely to be clicked on that a simple text page.


Is it worth it to invest in a web video for my business?

When you choose to work with NOLAGraphics, we’ll send our video crew to your business, and we’ll craft the image you’d like to convey to the world. We’ll do a quick interview with you and your staff, capturing the heart and soul of what makes your company great. Next, we’ll collect footage showcasing what you do best: your business.

Together with your input and our creative team, we’ll edit the video into something you’ll be proud to send along to your family and friends. We’ll send you a link to check it out, and if you’re happy, we’ll get your video on your customized YouTube page, directly linked to your website. It’s that easy.

The best creative team in New Orleans.

It’s simple to take your website to the next level with NOLAGraphics. We’re New Orleans leading creative force when it comes to local businesses moving into the 21st Century. Start your transition today by adding a new element to your online presence with a web video curated by NOLAGraphics.

“Max was an absolute pleasure to work with on this video. He was so professional and made the shoot easy and fun. The editing is fabulous! I hope we have a chance to work with Max again in the future! ”

– Jamie T, Pat O’Briens

“This is by far the best video we’ve had made since being in business 23 years. Max Cusimano was great, very professional, and worked really hard to capture the atmosphere and feel of the restaurant. Looking forward to getting customer reaction! ”

– Chris L, Southside Cafe

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