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Premium Web Hosting

A Web host is a company that gives you storage space on one of their internet servers to store your web site. This will allow visitors fast access to your site via your decided domain name. Other features include email, secure login, Web site statistics and a fully functional hosting control panel accessible from any internet connection. NOLAGraphics offers these services on a server that we own, administer and maintain.

The rate for our Enterprise package is $30 per month or $300 per year with a one-time $75 setup fee.

Account Features:

1. 10,000 MB Web space
2. 5GB bandwidth
3. 50 email addresses (POP and SMTP access included)
4. 5 databases
5. cPanel login
6. Remote webmail access
7. FTP access

Providing the highest quality in dedicated Internet connectivity, performance is our top priority. We have selected a premium Tier-1 bandwidth provider ( www.liquidweb.com ), ensuring minimal latency and fast connections to all points of the global internet. We are proud to feature direct connectivity with MCI, AT&T, Savvis and Level3. Our Hosting Data center partner, located in Lansing, MI has aggregate connectivity which reaches an astounding 4,500+ networks just a single network away from our uplinks. Electronic security systems control data center access and are accompanied by a full compliment of motion detecting security cameras which monitor the entire facility. The facility external walls are reinforced poured concrete. They are a fully managed facility, which means we have access to level 3 technicians on site 24 hours per day, allowing incident response times to be kept to a minimum.

Our power systems feature extensive fault tolerance and resilience at every layer. Incoming service is routed underground to a dedicated on-site transformer. This system routes to our automatic transfer switch which monitors power quality, and automatically transfers to our emergency generators in the event they are needed. The facility is also protected by one or more Uninteruptable Power Supplies (UPS), featuring redundant battery cabinets and full maintenance bypass cabinets allowing for service and upgrades without interruption of power to our servers.

Continuous OFFSITE Backup:

NOLAGraphics Guardian is a robust backup solution that provides continuous data protection and off-site disaster recovery for our Dedicated Server. NOLAGraphics Guardian uses replication and synchronization, with point-in-time snap shots, to provide up to the minute data protection of your complete server configuration. In the case of a catastrophic event, our Sonar® Monitoring Team recovers your exact server configuration to minutes before the event occurred.

In other words, NOLAGraphics Guardian is a Backup solution that continuously captures your entire system configuration to an off-site facility which allows for up to the minute recovery of your information. Every 15 minutes it creates a restore point. Similar to how widows creates restore points this protection will give you a control panel which gives you access to 6 weeks of 15 minute increment backups.

NOLAGraphics Guardian directly reads the hard disk volumes at the sector level, bypassing the file system for the ultimate in performance and recovery. Our disk sector synchronization is performed while the server is online and causes no interruption to I/O requests, even on a busy server. By reading the disk at the lowest possible level, Guardian captures incremental recovery images containing your files and all the required information for complete and instant disaster recovery within minutes.

  • Continuous Backups
    During normal host operation, the Liquid Web Guardian agent keeps a journal of disk changes. Incremental backups know what sectors on the disk have changed before the backup operation even starts. Guardian’s method is less resource intensive than traditional file-by-file or block-by-block backup methods.
  • Incremental Snapshots
    Our technology provides consistent point-in-time system-wide backup images.
  • Bare-Metal Disaster Recovery
    Restore servers directly from disk-based backup. Unlike traditional backup software, there is NO need to first partition your drive and install the operating system. Bare-Metal-Recovery greatly increases the speed of complete system recovery from a catastrophic failure.
  • High Performance, Low System Impact
    Sector based backups increase throughput and reduce overhead. Servers can be fully operational with minimal performance impact during backups. Backups can usually be performed at anytime, even on busy servers.
  • Control Panel Administration Plug-in
    Our Managed Dedicated Server customers who are running linux can take advantage of the Liquid Web Guardian cPanel Plug-in, accessible directly from your cPanel interface for easy management of your backups.
  • MySQL Database Backup Plug-in
    Continuous table level backup of MySql databases is available as an optional plugin.