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In today’s digital market, your website needs to be backed by the right SEO plan. A well planned SEO strategy are mission critical to your business’s success on the web.  Whether your business is located in or around New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Covington, Mandeville, Slidell, or Houma, your SEO is more important now than ever. If your website isn’t showing up for Louisiana searchers, your missing out on valuable business.

To make sure our local clients obtain top rankings in all of the major search engines, NOLA Graphics use state of the art SEO research tools, and planning to provide you the best search engine optimization and highest search position possible. We know the SEO industry in and out  and focus on key elements of your pages that get your ranked. Things like, headers, page titles, link text, keywords, alt text, meta descriptions, and other important aspects to the SEO process.

We also offer local SEO campaigns with an analysis of exactly what your competitors are doing, our detailed reporting gives you insight on exactly what it takes to frank for the top SEO keyword positions that are most viable for your business. When you start a relationship with our us, you will get piece of mind that you are getting the best Search Engine Optimization in Louisiana.

Want to know how optimized your website is.

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A Local Company in New Orleans Specializing in SEO and Web Design.

NOLA Graphics is located in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the beautiful Algiers Point community, and is in the heart of Southern Louisiana, we love it here.

As a local Louisiana business, we know how hard it can be to stand out from the crowd and get noticed before your competition. That’s why we offer our SEO services to local cities like New Orleans, Covington, Mandeville, Baton Rouge, Slidell, Houma — and everyone in between.

If you need SEO services in New Orleans, or the rest of Louisiana, we can help. Our team has the passion, experience, and knowledge needed to get the job done right the first time. NOLA Graphics has a unique approach to local SEO that allows you to rise up past all of your competitors, your Local SEO plan, not only includes traditional SEO practices like link building and on page keyword optimization, but we also provide your monthly competitive analysis of exactly where you stand in the search engines, so you can monitor our progress as we go.

We don’t just make sure we meet your goals, but we make sure to exceed them. It’s well known in the business world, that word of mouth is the best form of advertisement, well other than google. We know that you telling your friends and fellow business owner  how we made it possible to sky rocket your business, will bring us business for years too come


About Our Louisiana Local SEO Clients

New Orleans, Baton Rouge, the North Shore, and beyond, companies pick NOLA Graphics as their SEO partner. We have the highest rate of satisfaction in the industry because we how what it takes to stand out in this unique environment.

Advertising and converting sales is totally different in this area, and much different than you would see in a large metropolis like New York, or San Francisco. We have spent years learning and analyzing how internet users interact with websites and exactly what they expect to see. We love what we do and every time you climb a position in the search engine index we are just as excited as you are, maybe even more.

It’s businesses like yours that have made us what we are today and were here to thank you by continuing to invest in our company in order to provide you with the best service possible.

We regularly attend seminars and conferences about the latest web development, marketing, and search engine trends,  so we can stay on top of the competition and provide the best service in the industry to your business.

SEO Services We Offer

We offer some of the best search engine optimization in New Orleans, LA and we also offer our services to companies in Mandeville, Covington, Baton Rouge Houma and everywhere in between. We even do SEO for companies in other states.

Read below to learn about the specialized SEO plans we offer for New Orleans Customers and the rest of Louisiana. We take care of Louisiana business’s SEO needs so that they can become more successful in their specific Industries.

SEO ranking and optimization plans for New Orleans, Baton Rouge, North Shore –

  • SEO for 1 major keyword and 5 – 7 secondary keyword phrases.
  • SEO for 2 major keywords and 10 – 14 secondary keyword phrases, for up to 5 pages of your existing website (along with keyword-targeting web pages). This plan also includes structured high value link popularity and Paid Search Engine Inclusions.
  • SEO for 3 major keywords and 15 – 21 secondary keyword phrases, including 2 additional keyword websites (10 keyword-targeting web pages to support these websites).
  • SEO for 5 major keywords and 25 – 35 secondary keyword phrases, with the offer of optimizing up to 5 pages of your existing website (4 additional keyword websites). 30 keyword-targeting web pages are built to support these websites.
  • SEO for 10 major keywords and 50 – 70 secondary keyword phrases, with the offer of optimizing up to 5 pages of your existing website (along with 9 additional keyword websites). 70 keyword-targeting web pages are built to support these websites.

All of these SEO plans include structured high value link popularity and paid search engine inclusions, which are tailor-made for top site rankings. If this sounds like what you need for your business just contact us.

SEO Keyword research –

We conduct extensive keyword research using keyword tools and MOZ reports to maximize the impact of SEO for your website. NOLA Graphics has completed over one hundred New Orleans SEO, Baton Rouge SEO and Covington SEO projects so we know everything there is to know about Local SEO in New Orleans and surrounding areas.

To start your keyword research campaign just contact us now

SEO Consulting for conversions –

Your website isn’t doing you anything sitting on page one if it’s not converting your visitors into sales or leads.

Our expert SEO consulting and design team will take an in-depth analysis of your website, and analyze the traffic that is coming to your site. We use heat mapping tools to identify the most clicked on areas of your website and optimize those parts of your page to increase conversions. Our campaigns for our clients for New Orleans SEO, Houma SEO, Baton Rouge SEO, and Louisiana SEO have provide our them with an enormous ROI.

Link popularity building and competitive analysis

  • 1 way link building for free and paid search submissions
  • Buying text link advertisements from other websites related to your industry
  • Article submission to various sites to increase popularity
  • To increase the link popularity of your web site we provide reciprocal link building services
  • Monthly ranking reports provided, based on a competitive analysis of your industry (we study the sites of all your competitors that are ranking at a high position and conduct a complete analysis of their site for you).

Proper site map planning for search engine crawlers 

Sitemaps are needed for small and large website in order to tell google and other search engines where all of your content is. Search engines such as google like to see text links or image links for best crawling experiences,

Sitemaps are necessary for large websites that don’t have proper crawling capabilities. Search engines always prefer clearly defined text links associated with your keyword or image links with proper alt tags for better crawling, along with proper text links in the menu bar to all the important pages of the site.

In-depth website analysis

This crucial part of our website marketing strategies are used to determine the capabilities of our sites for search engine optimization and PPC (pay-per-click) services. As web designers in New Orleans we are quickly able to identify any problems search engine crawlers would experience when they would index your website, so you know your SEO campaign will be as successful as possible.

Checking websites for XHTML validation and browser compatibility

We offer XHTML validation for sites that are not coded properly, our web design SEO experts will re-code those pages to make sure that local visitors are seeing your website first.  We will also test your site in all of the available browsers, including, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and mobile browsers as well.

E Commerce SEO –

For local businesses that also offer e-commerce functionality on their site, or for online shopping sites with-out a brick and mortar location, we help clients establish relevant accounts with shopping feeds such as  google shopping, yahoo, amazon, and more. We explain each of the shopping feeds in great detail to our clients and suggest the best options for the kind of products you are selling, we also will merge your products into the shopping feeds you select, data feeds. Shopping feeds are tools that enable your customers to easily find information about the products you are selling online.

Technical Writing SEO

We also offer technical writing services so that way we can explain each of your products in more detail to the customer to achieve a SEO optimized product and still give the visitor a friendly  reading experience

Local SEO Pricing