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Our 10 Year Anniversary in 2014 has Surpassed our Wildest Dreams!

Our 10 Year Anniversary in 2014 has Surpassed our Wildest Dreams!

Surpassing our wildest dreams

2014 has been explosive for NOLAGraphics. Celebrating our 10 year anniversary, we’ve never been better and our work has never been more in demand.

10-Year-Anniversary-CupcakesWe’ve worked with some of the brightest stars in New Orleans, and we’re meeting more folks looking to change the Louisiana tech culture every week.

We’re excited to say the area grows more tech savvy by the day and soon, we’ll all be plugged in. New Orleans isn’t known for it’s pushing of the boundaries; instead we’re more of an old school mentality.


We like our business sealed with a handshake and a cocktail and sometimes even homemade cannolli!

But, that’s changing, and more and more businesses are getting websites, they’re concerned about Google rankings and what SEO means for their viability. We’ve met a lot of great people interested in small business, in changing the face of how Louisiana businesses get things done.

We’re ready for 2015

Over the summer, we made one of the biggest decisions in the history of NOLAGraphics: we left New Orleans.

Don’t worry; we didn’t go far; we went all the way… to the North Shore.

Growing up in Mandeville, NOLAGraphics CEO Marc Juneau talked long and hard Project Lead and Wife Tara Juneau about the possibility of moving the company.

After many Milagro Margarita’s, they decided to open a second location north to raise their children and re-invest in St. Tammany Parish, a place that shaped Marc into the guy he is today.

Helping bolster St. Tammany’s tech industry, one website at a time

The move to New Orleans’ North Shore has been prolific and life changing. In the short months of NOLAGraphic’s arrival, the company met some amazing people doing great things.

For the second year in a row, Mandeville has been named Google’s eCity for Louisiana. NOLAGraphics is excited to be a part of North Shore’s boom, and we’re doing our best to help continue the sustained growth of technology in Louisiana.

Over the spring and summer, we were lucky enough to take our first steps into working with local Louisiana government, while meeting quite a few local lawyers looking to fortify their online presence. Needless to say, we were thrilled to help.

Recently, we’ve worked with:

The Louisiana District judges association

Louisiana Judicial College

23rd judicial district court (soon to be launched)

We’ve worked with newly appointed District Attorney Warren Montgomery, and we couldn’t be happier to be on his team.

warren montgomery campaign website warren montgomery campaign website

After a long campaign, it was absolutely wonderful to see Warren triumph. We look forward to seeing his good works all across St. Tammany Parish, and cannot wait to continue our relationship, helping to fortify the culture on the North Shore.

One of our other big moves this past year was hooking up with the St. Tammany Parish Fair. We’re helping build a whole brand spankin’ new site. Instead of mailing their entries in – people will be able to do everything online. Speaking of which, we’ve learned a lot about 4H and some of the areas included. We soon learned there are a lot of types of cow, and over 80+ types of chicken. Mind = blown.

Empowering New Orleans leaders of tomorrow

While all of these great things have been popping up on our radar, we also committed ourselves to giving back to the city and culture we love so much:

St Aug

St Aug

What better way to showcase our love than by working with St. Augustine High School?

By utilizing our passion for philanthropy, we hooked up with The Purple Knights and their staff and put our heads together. Together with St. Augustine, NOLAGraphics is donating 20+ hours of setting up a club or student group with the intention to show students how to build and maintain their own dedicated website.

While it’s typically someone on outside’s job to usually run a high school’s website, we’re putting the power back into the kid’s hands, and letting them in control of what’s posted and what news they’d like to share.

This valuable skill will empower the kids to see how a network works, how content drives usability and will teach interested students about a whole world they mayo f not considers. We’re pretty much building geeks from the ground up. (insert evil laugh here)

We think teaching the next generation how to utilize their world is important, and we’re excited to see where our relationship with St. Augustine goes next.

NOLAGraphics + Tulane doctors = success for all parents of children with mental illness

One of our pet projects throughout this year has been working side by side with The Kid Catch Foundation. The Kid Catch Foundation and NOLAGraphics are in the process of creating a website app tracking and documenting the doctors and their success rates for kids with severe mental illnesses.

Think of it this way: if you’re a parent that has a mentally ill child, this app lets you check out not reviews, like Yelp! – but show you who’s getting the best results for their treatment practices all over New Orleans.

Best of all, the data isn’t based on how great or how nice a doctor is, it’s based on the job they’re doing.

While we’re rambling on, we’d like to give a massive shout out to our very own Arielle Prevost who’s cycling across Australia this Christmas.

Arielle Prevost Riding across Perth

Embarking this Christmas on a 4,400 mile solo trek from Cairns down to Brisbane and west to Perth, fundraising and filming along the way.

I’ve been bike touring every year for the past three, traveling 6,500 miles across the US, around the southeastern states, and through Spain and France. I love adventure, the exhilarating pull of the open road, not knowing where I’ll sleep, what I’ll eat or who I’ll meet along the way.”

https://www.crowdrise.com/cyclingaustralia – donate a few bucks and help Arielle

All donations will be transferred directly to The New Somaly Mam Fund: Voices for Change to benefit AFESIP Cambodia.



And finally in the NOLAGraphics world, Marc and Co. took 2nd place in the Madisonville Chili bowl cook-off. With their connections through Tales of The Cocktail, NOLAGraphics have now scored a sponsorship with Milagro tequila and Ancho Chili Reyes AKA the secret ingredients that dominate.

How cool is that? We know websites and chili. Beat that, Microsoft.