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Meet our Staff!

NOLAGraphics boasts some of the most talented young professionals in the creative industries from all over the world compiled into an elite group, an unstoppable force, and when you bring in a team like ours together with a vision like yours some pretty amazing things can happen for your business.


Benjamin Boyce

Benjamin Boyce

Meet The New Owner,  WordPress Consultant and Developer, Google Search Wizard and Expert Marketing Strategist.

Ben Boyce is the new owner of the NOLAGraphics domain name and will be continuing to service it's existing clients, in New Orleans, Louisiana and across the globe. NOLAGraphics is now owned by Greaux Techonologies LLC a web design firm which specializes in local search engine optimization, reputation management, social media management, WordPress development and design.  NOLA Graphics and Greaux Technologies have completed projects for  local, national, and international clients. Ben grew up building web pages and learned HTML at age 13. After high school Ben found him self in a slightly different field, but still continued to learn the wizardry of web development and design for fun. Ben started Greaux Technologies in 2008 in Pennsylvania but business was slow so he decided to take some time and travel. After hiking the vast mountainous terrain of  Alaska for 6 months, he decided to change his pace and visit New Orleans.  Ben fell in love with the city's culture people and music and decided to stay. Since coming to New Orleans, Ben realized that a lot of the businesses here in New Orleans are not using technology to it's full advantage. He has re launched his prior company Greaux Technologies and within a year obtained the assets of NOLA Graphics. Ben loves to spend his free time researching the latest SEO and Marketing trends, and toying with the newest Virtual Reality Gadgets. aside from technology Ben love staying active, fishing, hiking, and going on adventures with his dog Buddy.

Tom Koch

Marc Juneau

FORMER Owner, Mentor, WordPress Advocate and Developer, Software and Technology Imagineer

Marc Juneau is the Former Owner and Founder of NOLAGraphics, in New Orleans, Louisiana, a media design firm which specializes in local search, Wordpress development and design projects for a local, national, and international client base. In August of 2016 Marc Juneau sold NOLAGraphics to Ben Boyce of Greaux Techologies, LLC who currently owns and runs the company. Marc studied software development and web design at the University of Advancing Technology in Phoenix, Arizona and while a student, worked for the world’s largest internet registration company, GoDaddy, where he became the Director of Training and Development. Marc worked for Yosemite Concession Services, Department of Training and Development for Yosemite National Park in California. Marc developed multimedia training content for all park concession departments, including hotel, food services, maintenance, retail, and administration. Marc names all of his computers characters from Hitch Hikers Guide To the Galaxy, is an avid Dr Who fan, enjoys catching brass bands and funk shows on Frechmen street near the French Quarter, Can be easily distracted by the proposition of going eat sushi and Can’t wait to teach his 8 yr old, Marcelo Lis, CSS & HTML.

Chip Reed

Director of Information Technology / Mad Scientist

Chip Reed, is a technological “Master Mad Scientist” when it comes to computers; he has been building, taking apart, and fixing electronics and computers since 1982. After college, he joined the Air Force where he learned boundary protection and user security. While serving in the Air National Guard, he learned how to think about portability and rapid availability of service in a Combat Communications Squadron. After a bout with reality, he was able to find sanctuary with such interesting companies such as Best Buy where he was a Counter Intelligence Agent on their Geek Squad. Refuge also came from Barrister working as a Help Desk technician, and later as their Depot Technician. Chip was also the Network Administrator for the United States Sports Academy. He found a very interesting position as a Network Cartographer for Agilis Outsourcing… there is nothing like exploring your digital landscape and mapping it, much like a Lewis and Clark expedition. And on a busy day here at NOLAGraphics it is not uncommon for Chip to be addressed as “Master Chip”. “The Hardware Master Mad Scientist”. He remains the cornerstone, the master hardware guy at NOLAGraphics. Forever on the hunt for computer and network problems! Chip is second to none at killing viruses, fixing hardware problems, and performing technological miracles.

Anton Zanki

Director of Photography

Anton Zanki is a New Orleans native, photojournalist, and captain of The French Quarter backstreets for over 30 years. A UNO film school graduate, Anton has been a creative force in many facets; from film, music videos, to a virtual reality business back in the day. Anton’s even put together Patriot Girls, a group of high-end models that support the veterans of war. A vet himself, Anton served in the first Gulf War, and is unwavering of his support of his fellow soldiers. Anton’s photography has been featured in countless print magazines, as well as online. He’s shot material for national publications, and has helped launch X-Cite, and Hot Spot magazines in New Orleans. Anton has shot subjects in every field, and always is looking for new ways to keep New Orleans on the artistic forefront. Anton’s photography is multi dimensional, and he’s had the dubious honor of being the go to guy for NOLAGraphics since the beginning, for better or worse. From piles of raw meat, to being the one photographer in town who just can’t stop shooting lawyers and judges, Anton is the hard working photographer who’s actually earned his stripes instead of inventing them on the Internet.

Max Cusimano

Lead Videographer / Web Video Ninja

Max Cusimano is an award-winning filmmaker/videographer and has directed over a thousand web videos. His work can be viewed on Yelp.comeHow.comGettyImages.com, and countless other websites. He has filmed such notable New Orleans businesses as Commander’s Palace, Sucré and Pat O’Brien’s. In addition to his restaurant work, he has also filmed a number of videos for attorneys, dentists, real estate agents, and many other fields of work. A graduate of USC’s prestigious film school and widely considered a pleasure to work with, book a shoot with Max today. 

Robert Dean

Wordsmith and Content Writer Extraordinaire

Robert Dean is a writer/journalist/cynic from New Orleans, LA. Born on the Southside of Chicago in 1981, he studied English and writing throughout his formative school career but never considered it something more than a hobby. After taking a compositional writing class his senior year of high school and meeting a teacher that changed his outlook on the art, he decided to take up writing as a career, for better or worse. Graduating with highest honors from the Chicago Center of Broadcasting, he learned the journalism side of writing. While the other students were busy getting ready to look good on camera, he was too busy reading books. Dean has worked for NBC, ABC, The Michiana Entertainer, Offbeat and has had freelance pieces published in online journals and has also has contributed to various independent zines that have came and gone throughout the years. Currently, he is a contributor to Truthaboutmusic.com. He’s head writer at moonrunnerscountry.com, and for the Quarter Rat Monthly, the insider magazine for the service industry of the French Quarter. Leaving Chicago to pursue his writing career, Dean moved to Louisiana to seek out new ways to expand his mind and dive into a life where fiction meets reality. Since the move with $300 in his pocket and all of his belongings in his car, he’s had In The Arms of Nightmares, published via May December Publications. His novella The Dear John Letter was released by 138 books, and the four horsemen novella collection We are The End, was released this year via May December Publications. Dean has had a variety of short stories, and articles appear in book and magazine collections in America, and abroad. Dean has two novels, Coffins and The Red Seven currently being shopped for publication by his agent Jeff Schmidt of New York Creative Management. Dean is currently hard at work on his pet project Snakes in The Garden. He also likes ice cream and panda bears.

David Reedy

David Reedy was born in Omaha NE in 1966. He lived in 8 different states before settling in Los Angeles in 2001. He is the oldest of 4 kids, and enjoys spending time with all those nieces and nephews. He started out doing logos for friends and family when he was in high school, where he studied Computer Science, at Henry Clay High School in Lexington KY. He graduated in 1984. For seven years he worked as a bricklayer, carpetlayer, carpenter, dishwasher, waiter, cook, cashier, bouncer, delivery boy and bartender Later he studied Graphic Design at Illinois Center College in Peoria IL, before attending Illinois Institute of Technology’s Institute of Design in Chicago, where he studied Communication Design and Product Design for 3 years. IIT is recognized as one of the top 3 product design schools in the nation, and was influential in establishing David’s design theory. Subsequently he attended the International Academy of Merchandise & Design, graduating in 1999 with a Degree in New Media. IAMD provided all the requisite technical instruction, allowing David to gain skill in Web Design, Graphic Design, Multimedia, Video and Audio software and hardware. He has worked as a freelance designer in the Los Angeles Metro Area since 2001. He now resides in San Gabriel.

Garry Schaffer

Wordpress Programmer PHP/MySQL, Unix/Linux

Garry was primarily a Flex/Flash guy that stumbled into geekery by first being a musician and then second playing with Director and then combining the two. Through the years he's done a lot of custom control software - usually desktop - creating museum installations or helping out on things like the Times Square Toys R Us scrollers, emergency systems on the Statue of Liberty, Crestron control systems for the Federal Reserve and Lifetime television, various cdroms (remember those) for companies or record labels (created some interesting remix apps using Thomas Dolby's beatnik) and many years of interactive comic books for Marvel Comics where he even got to be the voice of Captain America himself. You can read up, giggle and mock his past exploits by stalking him at www.grimmwerks.com

Mark Edwards

Wordpress Programmer, PHP/MySQL, BuddyPress Server Configurations, Unix/Linux

Mark Edwards is long time software developer and network engineer with over a dozen years experience related to Internet technologies. He has a background in commercial art and electronic engineering. Today Mark specializes in building custom solutions on top WordPress and BuddyPress, and excels at writing custom code for specialized Web platforms and applications. He also has extensive knowledge of building server infrastructures, tuning site for maximum performance, and addressing site security. His overall industry experience and knowledge base earned him a role as Senior Contributing Editor for Windows IT Pro Magazine – a post that he held for over a decade.

Johnathan Williams

Wordpress Programmer, PHP/MySQL

Johnathon Williams received his first computer at the age of 10 and has been programming ever since. As a web developer, he specializes in extending the WordPress CMS and building custom database applications in PHP. Previous clients include educational institutions, businesses, and creative professionals throughout the world. He's contributed plugins to several open source projects and published articles on a variety of technical topics. He holds a bachelor's degree and a master's degree from the University of Arkansas. He lives in Fayetteville, AR, with his wife and two three daughters.

Amy Catalanotto

Chief Marketing and Advertising Sales Consultant

Amy Catalanotto has helped add dimension and relevance to the marketing and advertising sales programs of clients ranging from high-end tech companies and professional service providers to local print and digital magazine publishers. Her work with industry leaders has a proven track record of top performing results. She can provide expert analysis of your current and past campaigns…advise you on effectiveness and return on investment…develop budgets and projections… Through a collaborative process she will evaluate your existing strategies and assist you with developing new strategies for both your immediate needs and long term goals. Unlike some consultants, her advertising sales program is focused on training. She can turn your advertising sales staff into profit generating sales superstars and believes that the right people with the right training can sell nearly anything. She challenges clients to find their inspiration and explore what inspires their customers. This creates the backbone to a dynamic and practical solution that is results driven and market focused. Although her official title is Chief Marketing and Advertising Consultant we prefer to call her our Impossibility Remediation Specialist.

Jenifer Farwell

Copywriting, Copyediting, SEO, Content Development & Maintenance

Jennifer “Jen” Farwell is a seasoned wordsmith with more than 20 years of experience writing for print and digital media. She has written content for hundreds of brochures, Websites, cooperative advertising campaigns, white papers, news releases, and other efforts for customers ranging from Tennessee Tourism, Visit Florida and Hearst Publications to Marriott, Kimpton, and Renaissance Hotels. She has assisted numerous small businesses in their quest to achieve better reach and response in their marketing and promotional vehicles, focusing not on any particular industry but rather on meeting the challenges of the SMB market as a whole. Her clients have run the gamut from accountants and lawyers to forestry companies and IT providers. Jen has also bylined more than 500 articles, including work on emerging technologies, historic preservation, social and community issues, politics and more. She is a current or former contributor to the print and/or online versions of New Orleans City Business, Preservation (the official publication of the National Trust), the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Country Living magazine, Smart Computing magazine, PC Today, and other media.