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Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery

Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery

Well as they say

Imitation is the Greatest Form of Flattery

Right so this as well applies to the web as well! If this big company (Compucast Interactive) thinks they are going to push around this freelancer defacing google with spammed irrelevant links and content (look for the obvious irrelevant content there) they can think again!

It looks like a very Compucast Interactive driven either, employee or client, has taken it upon themselves to register 2 domain names in a fraudulent attempt to gain search engine listings and MONEY (they are running google adsense on their blog). And even better yet they wont agree to show their name as they have registered these domains privately:

These also seem to be affiliated with
nolaseo.com whois info

oh wow and hey guess what, looks like I found the source of all this…
it appears that indeed as I thought a current compucast employee or contract writer of Compucast is the source of all of this. As you can see here from The author of the posts on their blog this is the same person that owns nolaseo.com which appears to be highly affiliated with the aforementioned sites.


oh wait hold on more suspecting evidence ….

let’s play devils advocate lets say that nolaseo.com and nolagraphics.info/.net all have nothing to do with each other then why oh why would they be using the SAME google advertisers code to gain profits off of? You can see if you look in the html of the page that these both link to the same google advertisers code pub-7518689483432069 which directly means that all these sites were indeed published by Shawn Plep of Gretna, La a compucast employee/writer.

so lets back up the reason that I even suspected that compucast or a compucast driven associate was behind all of this was this post on their blog

If an informed industry professional were to do an actual unbiased review of Compucast Interactive they would find that they do not do SEO as they claim, nor have their site historically been at all based on web standards, current trends or usability. What they, Compucast, calls SEO is actually them placing “footer links” on the sites they design to their portals. They feel this somehow helps their clients when in reality it just makes them look like a link farm.

so for them to say

Overall, Compucast is probably the best choice for web design and web hosting if you’re in the New Orleans area. You simply won’t find a better staff or reputation than what Compucast has.

is a bit biased don’t ya think? Oh and Mr. Shawn Plep .. I have an open question to you when you say:

After reviewing the options for New Orleans web design, we found the forerunner to be a company called Compucast Interactive.

Why don’t you list who else was reviewed and what was found.. WAS anyone else reviewed?When did this review take place, I wasn’t contacted. Surely on a site named nolagraphics.info you would think I would be contacted about such a review. Or was this just made up to place an SEO friendly article to spam the google index with? If you are truly not biased to Compucast wouldn’t you list the other results of the review? or is this all a farce?

Mr Shawn Plep, I encourage you … do your homework before you try call out a local web developer and register their domain name with a different extension… did you really expect me not to figure this out and nto to figure out that this was you an employee of compucast just because you registered my domain names privately? You left a dirty trail and i found you 😉 …. and more so i can directly link you as an employee of compucast this is great! oh and i love the redirection link to a semi porn site in the search engine listings thats cute


And just in case Mr Shawn Plep, decides to change nolaseo.com to be a private registration and change some of the other details i have decided to take screen shots of all the evidence listed here so that this evidence remains.

Weather or not Judy Weitz has personally sponsored this, Judy I call you out to request that your employee or affiliated writer take down these sites which put forth a LIE and also attempt to spam the search engines with incorrect or made up information.

The registration of these domain name also is in direct violation of Louisiana Trademark agreements as NOLAGraphics is a registered trademark in my name till 2014. Any use of such a registration is illegal and will be pursued in court. I suggest you take down the sites nolagraphics.net and nolagraphics.info and turn these domains over to me. You are welcome to talk about me or my website in any fashion on nolaseo.com and I will be glad to respond as such, as is the nature of the web. But the registration of the aforementioned trademarked name as a new domain name not register to ME(Marc Juneau) is NOT ok and is Illegal. I stand firmly on these grounds and encourage a response from both Judy Weitz and Shawn Plep, quickly.