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Google to change your site rank based on if it “responds” to mobile needs

Google to change your site rank based on if it “responds” to mobile needs

Fresh on the heels of tax day, Google has some plans of their own on how reward and penalize anyone who owns a website. Starting on April 21st, Google has announced that all websites need to get their acts together and be mobile friendly.

On January 21st, Google started to send warnings, so if you didn’t hear the news, now’s your chance to act. The demands of a scalable, usable Internet, in all of its forms from your laptop, iPad, to iPhone or Android, need to be parallel and scalable. Google wants all websites to be seamless, across every platform.

The reason behind this mandatory update is Google’s new algorithm is rolling out and unless you’re updated cross-platform, say goodbye to those precious clicks and rankings. Potential customers won’t be able to find you, which means lost branding and revenue.

Why go mobile?

That cellphone you never look away from, coupled with tablets combine for a whopping 60% of how people surf for the information they need. Simply put, mobile phone usage builds daily while desktop usage is stagnant. Google, the constant innovators and keepers of the honesty flame, want all users to be able to get their information in the best forms possible. So, that means mobile being on par with desktop clients.

Get hip to responsive design

Responsive website design has grown immensely as the preferred method of transitioning static desktop information on a website to mobile.
In plain human speak, this means whatever website you’re visiting will utilize responsive design because it will scale immediately, giving your browser instructions on how to size based on the device you’re using.
We’ve all been there: you’re looking for a specific product and you have to minimize the site all small and get frustrated because none of the option windows work correctly – this will be a thing of the past, all thanks to the adoption of responsive design, and Google.

How NOLAGraphics can help

We’re pretty good at building, fixing and maintaining websites. We know all about this stuff. We know about the geeky tech stuff that’s confusing and likely makes the rest of the world scratch their heads. Don’t let your business fall to the wayside this April – contact Nola Graphics, and we’ll make you’re looking your best across all platforms from your neighbor’s Dell, to your iPhone 6.