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Why isn't my site getting listed?

Why isn't my site getting listed?

Why isn’t my site getting listed?
Below are some common search engine optimization reasons why your site isn’t getting listed:

* Hidden Text: Text too small or of the same color as the background color.
* Pages with off-topic or an spamming of keywords.
* Duplication of content: excessive submission of same page, same pages from different domains, or submitting the same page content from many hosts.
* Word Spamming. Repeating a word again and again again again again.
* No Text On Page
* Slow load time, site down, site unaccessable
* Site under construction and is incomplete.
* Splash or Doorway pages
* Pages containing AutoRefresh codes or Redirects
* Dynamic Pages that block Web crawlers.
* Pages that have the symbols in the URL: ampersand (&), percent sign (%), equals sign (=), dollar sign ($) or question mark (?). Many spiders do not recognize them.
* Pages that contain only links to other pages or domains.
* Hate Sites or Illegal Content


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