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What is the description Meta Tag?

What is the description Meta Tag?

What is the description Meta Tag?

A Description Meta tag is text that shows up in most of the search engines below your website name. Try to provide the most important information about your company or site in 2 sentences or less. Make sure to use your most important keywords as early as possible in the sentences.

Here is what a properly written description should look like remembering our most important keyword and keyphrase is “paint” and “painting supplies”:

<meta name=”description” content=”Glass ornaments and sculptures provided by Benson Glass Company. Products include etched glass, crystal, blown glass, and more…”>
What is the Title Tag?
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Many consider the Title Tag the most important part of a web page. The Title tag appears at the very top of the browser. The title section usually has an important influence on the ranking of your site in search engines. Limit your web site title to no more than 100 letters and spaces. Your most important keyword should apperar as the first word(s) in your Title, Keyword, and Description Tags. This is a fundamental of search engine optimization services. Here is the code for the Title tag:

<TITLE>Insert Title here</TITLE>


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