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How do Search Engines rank a site?

How do Search Engines rank a site?

How do Search Engines rank a site?

When you search for a topic using a search engine, it will sort through millions of pages it has cataloged and return those that best match your search keywords. The system isn’t perfect however. You will notice that occasionaly, pages unrelated to your search will show up and it can sometimes be difficult to find exactly what you are looking for.

Search engines certain rules to decide which pages are the best relate to your search. These pages are matched mainly upon the frequency and location of the keywords you provided in that web page. More on Keywords Tag.

Most search engines also emphasize the TITLE tag of your web page. When searching for “Baseball Tickets”, the search engine first compares sites with “Baseball Tickets” in the Title Tag. More on Title Tag.

Search engines check if your search words are near the top of a web page, in a headline, and where they are located in the paragraphs of text. The Assumption is that any site that is a good match will have those search words near the beginning of the text or highlighted as headings. This is only part of search engine optimization services. More on headings.


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