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Metairie Dentist SEO

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We are pleased to announce our newest client Melancon Family Dentistry has already achieved a positive return on investment for their marketing campaign we have put in place for them.  We combined a SEO campaign and PPC AdWords campaign in order to generate new dental clients for this Metairie based dental office.

If you’re looking for an exceptional dentist in metairie look no further than Melancon Family Dentistry. www.metairiefamilydentist.com


Our PPC campaign via google adwords has already generated a positive ROI .

Venice Fishing Charter

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Fishing in Vtuna fishing charters in veniceenice Louisiana is amazing! 200+ pound Tuna just offshore, not to mention… wahoo chobia snapper and more.  Venice is the tuna capital of the world. And if your looking for a world class champion, Vencie LA has a lot of charter guides coming in and out of the area every day. Venice is more well know for off shore tuna fishing but there are other charters that run inshore. If your looking for an inshore guide. We here at NOLA Graphics have become friends with some of the top guides in venice. If you would like us to hook you up with once of our friends for a discounted guided fishing trip.

Venice La Fishing Charters

Check out the form below, these forms auto forward contact details to our receptionist who then books your trip. It’s That Easy… A guide will always confirm either via email or phone shortly after your submission.  If you Have any questions please call 504-478-1790



  • Offshore Trips Leave At 6:00 am in Venice... The guide will contact you with an exact time and to take a deposit on the trip.







We have created the most exclusive Louisiana Fishing Guide and Charter Directory

If your looking to go fishing in Louisiana for redfish, tuna, whaoo, chobia, marlin, black drum or any other gulf species. Book a fishing guide on this site.  Our Louisiana Fishing Guide Directory & Florida Fishing Guide Directory

You could check our this site if your not sure what the fish look like.


The fish you catch will be monsters when you go out with any of the guides on this website

fishing venice la

New Orleans SEO – How We Dominate The Market The Right Way!

SEO for Fishing Guides


Venice Fishing Charters <—– This link was the link the SEO team at NOLAGraphics created for a client of ours.

EDU Backlinks from Harvard


Getting back-links from domain with a high trust flow is key to ranking your website.  EDU addresses have some of the highest authority and trust flow on the internet.

Check this video out to learn about trust flows. 


How to create a map listing like this.




Should I use Magento for  my new e-Commerce Site? 

If you’re looking to figure out who to use for an e-Commerce site there are a lot of factors you will want to consider. Magento is owned by Ebay, so in the eyes of e-commerce it’s a god. The platform is only used for e-Commerce and is used by a lot of enterprise companies like, Nike, Land Rover, Bulgari, Soda Stream, PePe Jeans, Zumiez, and a whole lot more.

Magento has over 240,000 users worldwide. It’s simply becoming the most popular platform for companies that are serious about running online stores.

For most people looking to get an e-Commerce site developed, it simply comes down to budget.  And we will get this one out of the way, right away. Unless your a Magento Developer, if you don’t have $10,000-$20,000 for a basic Magento Website, don’t even consider trying to step into the Magento world.

If you’re really thinking about getting a Magento e-Commerce site developed, check out the video below, and if your thinking to your self whats the difference between Magento and WooCommerce, check out the second video.


Lets Talk Price – How Much Will a Magento Site Cost Me?

We found that most of our clients are asking one question how much will a Magento site cost me.  Although there are many key factors that play into cost, it really depends on the size of your business.  There are three versions of Magento that we will go over along with the pricing for each. The three versions are,  Magento, Magento Community, or Magento Enterprise.

Here is the pricing you have all been waiting for!

1.  Basic Magento Website Cost and Pricing:

If you’re looking to build a generic Magento e-Commerce store. We recommend going with the Basic Magento Version small businesses doing around $1,000,000 – $2,000,000 a year in annual sales. The cost of a basic Magento website starts at $20,000 and go up to $40,000. Because it’s a basic site you will be limited on features in the back-end, however the front end will look and preform prefectly.

  • Basic Magento Functionality
  • Theme Integration
  • Magento Community Forms
  • No POS Integration
  • Feature Rich CMS (Content Management System)

2. Custom Magento Website Cost and Pricing:

A custom Magento website is tailored toward retailers that are already established, and are looking to launch a professional custom shopping experience for their customers. This may also be a good option to migrate to if your e-commerce store needs custom built reporting, customer groups, wholesale pricing, and additional development with other companies.  The cost can range from $40,000 to $90,000. Some additional benefits of a custom Magento site will include.

  • Custom Magento Design and Development.
  • Integration with POS and Back Office Systems
  • Custom Attributes for Products.
  • Custom Shipping Classes
  • Extensions, and Custom Extension Development
  • Live Chat
  • Social Media Integration.
  • Social Login and Account Creation 
  • Sell on EBAY
  • Sell on Amazon

3. Magento Enterprise Cost and Pricing:

Magento Enterprise development is not for the the little guy, although Magento Enterprise allows you to use all of the Magento features, getting setup with Magento Enterprise development will cost you over $100,000 in addition to that licensing fees are going to run you $18,000/year. We recommend that business considering development in the Magento Enterprise solutions should have an established e commerce sales projected at minimum of  $10,000,000 annually. In addition to projected sales we suggest having in house phone, and live chat support agents, marketing team. This solution is prefect for large business that have multiple store that they want to look different while all being contained under 1 umbrella.

  • Built In Modules
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Mobile App
  • Multiple Stores
  • Full Page Caching
  • Free Professional Customer Support
  • Large Amount Of SKU’s
  • Hosted By Magento
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Targeted Promotions & Merchandising
  • Custom Coupons
  • Integration With Shipping Providers
  • Social Media Integration
  • Training And Much More

Hourly Development Rates for Magento?

The hourly rates for Magento development varies from the experience level of the developer. However, on an average, a quality Magento developer will cost between $75 to $150 per hour.

What factors affect my Magento Development Pricing?

There are many different factors that can affect your price of custom Magento development.

  • Magento Version 1.9 or 2.0
  • Server Cost (Dedicated server recommended)
  • Development Cost
  • Extensions
  • Point of Sale Integration
  • API Integration
  • Graphic Design
  • Coupon Creation
  • Magento Theme Updates
  • Support
  • Warehousing
  • Number of SKUS
  • Wholesale Groups

How Much Does Magento Maintenance Cost?

After your site is setup on Magento it’s not complete . Pricing may vary based on if we developed your website or if you had it outsourced, however, you can anticipate added cost for new designs, security updates, and maintenance for updates to Magento itself.  You can think of your Magento e-Commerce store  like opening another brick and mortar location. After all, after your Magento shop has been launched and your earning money, upkeep and maintenance is just like any other business expense.

Your job is not complete by simply setting up your website on Magento. It requires effective maintenance for updates, security patches, design and much more. Pricing strategies vary based on of your website being developed by us or not.

Remember, if we built your site we have your back, our standard price is $80 per hour for Magento Maintenance.  If you didn’t get your site built by us our maintenance plan would be $125 per hour with and initial account set-up fee of $675

We strive to offer all of our clients the best service possible. We are open during normal business hours, and can schedule updates and downtime (if any is ever needed) during late night hours when website traffic is to a minimum.

Lets Get Started

If you have any questions about custom Magento development. Give us a call at  1-844-665-2669 or e-mail us, or live chat us, or fill out the contact from below. Like we said we’re here for you.



Here is what really works for SEO in 2017?

In this post I’m going to teach you the 5 best strategy’s to drive inbound leads and BOOST TRAFFIC! Read Everything. 


We will even show you a case study from one of our clients.  We’re giving you all the secrets.

Here is what google is up to.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say.

Google is shaping the future of the internet, in hopes of giving it’s users a more user friendly experience. Recently google has pushed a lot of updates including AMP pages. Google is always using new algorithms to determine exactly how you will rank and what you will get penalized for this year.

Don’t stop now this is what really matters

However, as far as 2017 goes, content is king and will continue to be forever and mobile for the fist time ever has taken prevalence over desktop. If your website isn’t mobile responsive or is loading slow for mobile you can be sure that your getting penalized on google.

If you need to test your site on mobile or it’s speed read this part.

If you want to see how google views your website you can check out this page for a Googles mobile friendly test. And to see how the speed of your site preforms you can check out googles page speed insights.

Holy Smokes Content you mean I can’t keyword stuff anymore. 

Nope you can’t those days are dead.   

Creating engaging content that drives people to share on social media and link to in blog posts is one of the best SEO strategies out there.  It’s really all about the basics. You need to be informative, you need to be popular, and other people have to like your content or at-least link to it. If not you’re going to get passed up by your competition eventually.

Why Keeping your reader reading will improve your rank

Keep reading the best is yet to come. 

The first thing I want to touch on is something that you all know but I feel may need some reminding of, the internet has been around for a long time. And while those banner popups may have worked for your company in the past, along with other standard marketing techniques. Users have become less likely to click advertisements on a website, popup ads are the devil, and music on a website just takes your bounce rate to 99% very quickly.

Finally Here Is The Good Stuff

Top Five Things to Focus on to Drive Inbound Leads

Blog Posting –

Make sure that your blog post have killer content – If you want subscribers and increased traffic to your website your going to have to produce some amazing content. Also in your blog posts make sure to include a call to action to sign up to your newsletter so you can keep your subscribers coming back for more every time you make a new post. If you looking for an article on how to make killer blog posts check this one out. 

Instagram and Snapchat-

Posting on social media is huge, getting your following on twitter Facebook Instagram Snapchat. Make sure that when your creating content to tell people to subscribe to like, follow, and subscribe to all of your social media channels.  Post on all these mediums often to gain the most visibility and become an authority in your industry.

How to get Better Ranking and Conversion with Landing Pages

SEO tips for landing pages

Having a good landing page improves lead conversions on your site tremendously. Always split test your landing pages and pay close attention to the Header titles on them as they can make a world of difference. If your looking for a great way to split test landing pages. We suggest using unbounce, they have great plans and packages and you can split test multiple ads by segmenting traffic in order to see which landing pages convert the best for your business. Also Unbounce has a very easy to use drag and drop template editor that requires no coding knowledge.  Unbounce also has a very easy to use drag and drop template editor, and even has WordPress plugin integrations. Of course we’re very good at designing landing pages to convert your traffic into leads, sales, and email subscribers. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

IF you don’t know about AMP your missing tons of traffic

Enable Amp Pages –

SEO Tips for Google AMP

An amp page is an Accelerated Mobile Page, AMP pages are given top priority in google searches. AMP pages use a stripped down form of HTML to make loading virtually instant. If you are using wordpress on your website you can find the AMP pages plugin here   If you want to know more about amps project and what parts of HTML and CSS are allowed in AMP coding click here for the AMP WIKI



SEO Outreach Campaigns – 

SEO Tips Outreach

Yea most SEO companies will not do this, but you have to get to know your clients good enough to know exactly what they need. Get on the phone and start calling the relevant people you need to. We have called

Once you figure out which domains your competitors are back-linked from, use everything in your arsenal to get a back-link on that site as well. Try Emailing, Calling, and even just showing up. You may need to exchange some good content to put on their site so offer a free guest blog post, or something of value.


2017 SEO & Marketing Campaign


champion logo


Our Agency is based in New Orleans does a lot of SEO campaigns for charter boat captains.  We try to adapt to our clients target audience in every way possible. For our most recent client Champion Fishing Charters a Venice Fishing Charter Company. We launched a huge campaign in order to gain more organic traffic and bookings.  This SEO campaign included 2 Blog posts month, a monthly newsletter, occasional coupons.

Inside the monthly newsletter is a little bit about what is going on in the area. An awesome blog post or two, A call to action to book online.  social sharing buttons and sometimes a coupon code. We also embedded a link to follow us on instagram and will be incorporating Snap Chat in the future.

In addition to all of the above mentioned things that we implement, there is another piece of the SEO puzzle that some companies forget to do, and that is outreach. There are often times that in order to score a high DA or PR back link you will have to send and email, make a phone call, or even perhaps go to a meeting. And that brings me to my next topic, just like most things, back-links are about quality over quantity.

SEO Tips to get shared more on social media.

SEO Tips for Social Media

We used SUMO for a bunch of things it’s just easier to manage. SUMO me is great for social sharing icons on blog posts and pages, Heat map tracking, as well as content analytics. SUMO Me allows us to split test sidebar ads we run and even allows us to run coupons upon exit.  We are also currently split testing some email funnels.

SEO tips for gaining back links.

NOLAGraphics uses special SEO software to generate reports for their clients. Below is a report of the number of links for Champion Charters competitors.

SEO Back Link Analysis

As You can see we are trailing in last place and this isn’t good. Our plan is to obtain backlinks on the same websites that competitors are using. So let’s take a look at that now.

SEO Tips backlink reporting


SEO Competitor Analysis.



Upon analyzing the reports above, there were a few back links we found that were being linked to on multiple competitor sites.  Yellowfin.com seems to be the strongest backlink across the board. Champion Charters happens to be sponsored by yellowfin but no backlink was listed on their site. So we contacted the site administrator via email, and are having them add it.

There are also about 8 other good domains to go after for backlinks. A good SEO tip, and something we try to do for everyone of our clients, is to go after backlinks in the order of highest link strength, and highest domain strength. The top ranking charter boat captains in the Venice Louisiana area were linked on these sites, so those are the one we decided to go after. Some of the sites listed above required paid links, but most were easily obtainable by just emailing the site owner and asking for a link on the site.  NOTE: Please be careful for paying for links on directories.

Sometimes we will scan the site we are requesting a link from for broken links. Broken links on web pages affect SEO in a negative way so if you can inform a site owner about a broken link, they may be willing to fit your website in somewhere in exchange for the broken link tip.

SEO Tips: Conversion Optimisation – exitpopup

We were about get get 20% of visitors to click on this ( on exit ) pop-up. When the customer tries to exit the screen they were shown this popup. This was created with SUMOME and is currently working great and Obtained 2 Extra bookings on it’s first day on the site that would have not been obtained, since the popup only shows when someone tries to leave the site. With the paid version of SUMOME you are able to split test exit popups to see which ones convert better, you can segment the amount of traffic thrown at any given popup all from within SUMOME easy to use front end dashboard.


NOLAGraphics is a New Orleans web development and SEO company. We take the time to create a custom campaign for each of our clients. We implement the most effective marketing tactics in SEO and always stay up on the latest software to get you conversion. We don’t really have a box model for SEO, everyone is different. If you liked this article subscribe to our blog and newsletter. And hit the comments sections below.  Also please share this wherever you can.





SEO most people don’t even know what it is. Of those people that do know what SEO is, most just know that they need it in order to earn a page rank in Google. But what people really need to know is that creating good content pages and blog posts, sharing them on social media, and posting content that links back to your site, are the meat and potatoes of SEO. Read more

How can I get rid of bad Yelp reviews?

Our reputation management team pointed out something to us today.  Most of the users paying for ads on YELP have bad yelp reviews.

You may be thinking to yourself. I’m paying for yelp and I have bad reviews also, and that’s why we decided to write this. Read more

First Page Of Google

Getting to the first page of google is all the hype.

The First Page of Google – Millions of business owners are fighting for the top spot on google, but what a lot of small business owners fail to realize is that even if your #1 on google, if your site has a bad User Interface or (UI) the visitor is going to leave your website or “bounce” as we like to call it. Read more