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Best SEO Resource Guide 2017

Best SEO Guide 2017

SEO in a post panda world

So you wanna lean SEO!

The #1 Question most people have is what is SEO? Here is the definition of SEO by Wikipedia

We created the best guide possible for businesses wanting to do SEO, and Future SEO Guru’s out there. It’s ALOT of work SEO is something that anyone can do for their website.

I will warn you though, it’s not easy. Yes…. It doesn’t cost a dime.

How ever you can get far by having the right software, which requires licenses and subscriptions . We will be reviewing SEO software later in this page.


First. Are you a business looking to get higher rankings in google or are you trying to start doing SEO for yourself, or for clients?

The first things I’m going to recommend are some SEO Resource Websites.

Best Resources to Learn SEO

If you want to learn SEO we have created you a resource list that took hundreds of hours of content reading, and watching to come up with. Trust me even after reading all of this you will want to know even more.

#1. Source-Wave – Source wave has a plethora of videos and how to’s for aspiring SEO’s. Source Wave does require you to watch a webinar to get you to sign up for their monthly service where they give your access to all sorts of tools, and  exclusive content.

#2. Lion Zeal – This video blogger interviews some of the best SEO’s in the industry to see how they handle everything from on page SEO to running an SEO company.

#3. Warrior Forms  Online marketing from with a great SEO thread.

#4. SEO Chat  – This online resource has a great form with over 1,000,000 posts and 223,000 members

#5. Backlinko – I personally love this site, tons of cool SEO video tutorials along with.


Paid SEO Analytics Tools

If your going to do SEO professionally you will need to monitor your rankings, and the ranking of your competitors. Using software is the best way to track all of these search engine optimization and search engine marketing metrics.

Ahrefs –

Majestic –

Tracking Website Conversions


First you will want to make sure you have Google Analytics set up on your site. If you don’t know how to do that there is a free tutorial here. 

Call Rail – Website call conversion tracking at it’s finest. And if your doing client SEO, use it too. It works great and lets you know just how many calls your website generates clients.  You may be thinking to your self. I do SEO I don’t care about the conversions, my only job is to get them on the front of google.  Well your wrong. 

Getting your client to be the first on google is great. But with advanced SEO reporting tools and call tracking, you will be able to estimate how much revenue the client is getting. Or at least measure how many calls they are getting. It’s great to put the call tracking report in their monthly

Google Analytics – Inside google analytics you can set up goals. A goal is met when something happens on a website, someones signs up for a news letter, clicks to call on a button, or checks out on the page. By monitoring goals and setting many of them on your website your able to take a deeper dive into exactly what happens in order to get conversions, or exactly what to change if your not getting conversions.

How to rank your website in the search engines.

Start off with the basics, and if you want to learn more about how to rank your website in search sign up for my Digital Marketing newsletter, where we give you tips and tricks every month on how to achieve an increased ROI for your business via the power of the internet.

Basic on page SEO Practices for your website. 

Submit your site map to google. You can do this be going into the “search console” in googles webmaster tools. You also need to submit your site to Yahoo, and Bing. Without a doubt google is the most important of the three.

Create Amazing Content – Since panda google is looking how long users stay on your page and how they interact with your website.

Fully Responsive Website –  Having a fully responsive website that looks great on mobile is key to getting conversions and keeping google happy. There are more mobile searches a day than desktop searches, and google has now given Mobile results and AMP pages prevalence in the search engines.

Optimize Page Titles –  Optimize page titles for the main keyword you want that page to rank for. You can be targeting more than 1 keyword in your content but just focus on one key search term per page.  A good way to check if your page title is optimized or not is to hove over your page tab in the browser.

Account Creation – Be sure to claim your google my business page(this will involve confirming a code on a post card that is mailed to you. which takes a week or two depending on your locaton) along with the top 4 social media outlets. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIN. Be sure to share your blog post content on your social media.

Social Media Sharing Buttons- Enable social sharing buttons on your website. or use SUMO Me which is a great tool that embeds social sharing buttons on your website allowing visitors to share it very easily.

Increasing your conversions with Newsletters, and Push Notification


MailChimp – Free to start out this allows you to segment your email lists and split test different emails to see which delivers the best results.

Constant Contact.

PushCrew  – Allows you to enable desktop notifications every time you publish content. It’s great.