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Anton Zanki

Anton Zanki

Director of Photography

Anton Zanki is a New Orleans native, photojournalist, and captain of The French Quarter backstreets for over 30 years.

A UNO film school graduate, Anton has been a creative force in many facets; from film, music videos, to a virtual reality business back in the day. Anton’s even put together Patriot Girls, a group of high-end models that support the veterans of war. A vet himself, Anton served in the first Gulf War, and is unwavering of his support of his fellow soldiers.

Anton’s photography has been featured in countless print magazines, as well as online. He’s shot material for national publications, and has helped launch X-Cite, and Hot Spot magazines in New Orleans. Anton has shot subjects in every field, and always is looking for new ways to keep New Orleans on the artistic forefront.

Anton’s photography is multi dimensional, and he’s had the dubious honor of being the go to guy for NOLAGraphics since the beginning, for better or worse. From piles of raw meat, to being the one photographer in town who just can’t stop shooting lawyers and judges, Anton is the hard working photographer who’s actually earned his stripes instead of inventing them on the Internet.