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New Orleans Professional Photography Services

Quality Photography is another essential element of website design!

Some clients start off with the impression that digital photography from any camera will satisfy the needs of their company image. Professional photography allows the ability to give lighting, perspective and framing essential to producing quality images. In the editing process we manipulate images and compress them, which is extremely important in achieving quality results for your products. We can manipulate your product images and enhance them to be attractive to your potential customers. NOLAGraphics can take your products or interiors/exteriors and turn them into works of art to bring more attention to your company and its products and services.

NOLAGraphics has provided quality images to be inserted into Web site design for many clients. We have photographed building exteriors and interiors, models and jewelry, landscapes on location, sculpture, people and food.

What are 360 VR Tours ?

360 VR stands for 360-degree “Virtual Reality.” By dragging the cursor across a 360-VR photo, the viewer has the ability to pan the image in any direction. Straight up, straight down left or right. It’s like floating at the center of a photo-sphere where the photo you are seeing is projected on the inside of a sphere.

360-VR photos are perfect for viewing interiors of homes because you can see all the details of the interior. You can look down at the floor to see the floor coverings and pan up at the ceiling to see moldings and other details you can’t see in other types of virtual tours-essentially, see all the details of the room from in front of a computer monitor. You have control of what you are look at, and the ability to view each detail for as long or as little as you like. Having a Virtual Tour allows your audience to be immersed in a seamless 360-degree visual environment that offers far more contextual information than a series of static images or a linear video clip for the same amount of downloadable bandwidth. Your audience will be wowed and impressed.


Whenever possible, we use available lighting, which best represents the true ambiance of a space, and that given to it by its architect or creator. Photo shoots also become simpler and shorter, less expensive, and create less disruption at the location. Ultimately, if lighting is necessary, NOLAGraphics can provide lighting for shoots as well.


Typically photographers charge a daily fee and retain the rights to the images they produce. NOLAGraphics delivers all originals and relinquishes copyright to the photographs so that the client is free to use them in publications, advertising, web sites or for any other application. We only ask that our photographers retain a photography credit in any reproduction.