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Why You Should Invest in Online Marketing in

Why You Should Invest in Online Marketing in

Internet Marketing. Go Where The Eyes Go.

As of 2014, 87 percent of adults are online.  Of those people 97 percent of use the internet as a way to find local businesses. Marketing online is essential and here is why.

Reach a Larger Audience.

Of course it’s a larger audience . It’s the world wide web. Traditional media will take months if not years to penetrate the market and brand you business, which mean you have to have the cash flow available to foot the bill up front and for long term. Most if not all of your prospective clients are online and with the rise of smart phones almost everyone is head down nose deep in their cellphone or laptop.

If you don’t believe me take a look around your local Starbucks. What used to be a place where people read the newspaper and chatted with locals has become an isolated place where people are obsessed with the web and social media.

Its not that hard.

Learning to market your self online can be as easy as starting a few social media profiles. These can vary depending on your business, but the main four you are going to want to use are Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram.  We will dive in to the specific marketing strategy you can use with each of these platforms to make your business grow online. This isn’t something that cost tens of thousands of dollars, or even a thousand dollars. If your willing to put the time in to marketing yourself online. You can make a name for yourself.  The status of that name good or bad will be up to you.

Importance of Having a Website.

Although creating social media accounts is a great start to jumping right into online marketing. Your business needs a website. Not having a website can greatly hurt your image for your business and in this day and age most people see your business as non existent if you don’t have a web page for them to visit listed on your business card. Now you may say, ” But I have a small business and not many people in my industry have a website. This is the best reason of all to have one.  Statistics show that 90 percent of customers would rather use a company with a website, than a company without one.

Ability to Capture tons of data.

Various easy to use and learn web tools allow you to track and monitor so many things it’s not funny. You can tell who visits your website, how often, where they are visiting from, sex, age, and many other things that will help make marketing decisions easy. These decisions would not even be possible with traditional advertising.

We aren’t saying Tv Print and Radio is totally dead, we’re simply saying that if your spending money on any forms of advertising you should start with Online Advertising.