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How Many Can You Name b4 Google Takes Over the World? (or Money Cant buy me love….)

How Many Can You Name b4 Google Takes Over the World? (or Money Cant buy me love….)

Google has been known to make some ballsy moves in the Industry but this one I believe takes the cake. google stands to lose $360,000 IN ANNUAL REVENUE just from one full enterprise account alone if JUST ONE company signs up for the offer. That ain’t the case….

How Many Google Products Can you Name?

How Many Google Products Can you Name?

Google’s new slogan should consult Paul McCartney …. (and yes before reading to the end of this blog post you must consider listening to Paul sing for the next 2 minutes….*sidenote* I hope Paul doesn’t mind but hey, if yer ever in NOLA Sir Paul McCartney, I’d love to buy you a beer!)

Anyhow…. Not only is Google offering the account itself free but their migrations department has even offered financial assistance grants to those wanting to migrate ! This truly embodies the spirit of Paul’s song fully admitting that indeed, money cannot buy Google love.

see Fortune.com article: http://fortune.com/2015/10/19/google-apps-for-work-for-free/

Google For Work

Google Apps for Work can improve collaboration and communication and help save costs along with enhancing workforce mobility. The costs and benefits for a composite organization of 12,000 employees, based on customer interviews, are:

– License costs: $10 per user per month.
– Initial and ongoing costs: $1,163,395.
– Total cost savings and benefits: $17,083,603.
see Google’s Full Report PDF about the benefits

To go to your customer base and simply say, hey it doesn’t matter how much we lose or gain we just want your loyalty shows the strength of a brands product should it be able to sustain after the initial crazy boardroom idea.

Can you imagine that boardroom discussion around the table where someone pipes up and says  we’ll just give hundreds of thousands of dollars away for free and even pay for entire enterprise scale migrations ???

This is not a new move we’ve seen cell phone providers start this war by buying out your verizion/sprint contract or whatever but this is on a economic scale MUCH larger than mom, dad and the kids cell phone contract….

Microsoft Break Up Letter
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Look Microsoft I know its been a long
road together but, alas, sometimes good
things come to an end…
NOLAGraphics is breaking up with you
Please click the link on our last Microsoft
Word .DOCX File above and …
please tell Clippy we will miss him! (NOT)

Switch to Google not only are they just as crazy as you are and rock BUT dude they will buy out your microsoft exchange, office suite and replace them with a much better, more efficient software package (Google for Work) and google will send roses and champagne to be your new sweethart…. Ok not really but hey at least they are picking up the tab! So BREAK UP WITH MICROSOFT and Call NOLAGraphics today to help with your own breakup letter! Call 504-756-5647 To Speak with NOLAGraphics on how we can assist in a smooth migration for you and your team, We will start with a Conference call to your new Sweeheart, Google For Work…

The lesson here Guys and Dolls of New Orleans is that, Loyalty and a Grateful party is worth more than money will ever be able to buy you. Learn that, Love it and Live life by it for it will never fail you.