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Everything You Need to Know About The First Page of Google

Everything You Need to Know About The First Page of Google

Getting to the first page of google is all the hype.

The First Page of Google – Millions of business owners are fighting for the top spot on google, but what a lot of small business owners fail to realize is that even if your #1 on google, if your site has a bad User Interface or (UI) the visitor is going to leave your website or “bounce” as we like to call it.

Sitting on the top spot is going to be useless. Before you even try to tackle search engine optimization or SEO. Make sure your page has a low bounce rate. You can monitor this by having your web developer install Google Analytics.  The web developers at NOLA Graphics always install Google Analytic’s on any website that we make, and as a part of our monthly management package well will provide you with a easy to read and understand monthly site analysis.

What Else You Need To Know About SEO

What most business owners fail to realize is that just getting visitors to come to your page, and ranking on the first page of google isn’t the most important thing that you need to focus on when it comes to business development online. Social bookmarking is all the craze. So share those blog posts on your social media account pages, and find relevant groups to share them with as well.

Conversions, Conversions, Conversions.

You website needs to be well laid out, and color schemes need to be perfect for your target customer in order to convert them into sales.

Your new website needs to be very easy to navigate.

If your accepting credit cards online having a SSL certificate is a must.



How long does it take to get to the first page of google?

seo time clock

Well, That’s a tough one.

Most SEO companies will tell you 6 months to a year. Most SEO Companies require contracts for that long.

Depending on if your are looking to rank on the first page of google locally or nationally will have the most effect.  Below are a list of things that have the most tremendous effect on your ranking. By addressing these simple steps as a base outline you will be well on your way to page one.

Quality Content

quality content

You need to have high quality SEO optimized content. If you don’t know how to write SEO content we recommend hiring a writer that specializes in this. NOLA Graphics has a team of experienced SEO Content writers that are capable of writing quality content for any niche. The content need to be likeable and shareable also.  How many times your content is liked and share on social media has a huge effect. This is called social sharing or bookmarking and google has started to take this into serious consideration when ranking a page number one on Google .

If your creating your own website on a platform like WordPress there is one tool that I absolutely recommend it’s called  SEO by Yoast. This is a plugin you can download and install and will help to let you know if you have covered all the basis

Back-links –

The two main ways to get back-links are from directory sites, like Yelp, Google +, City Search, and so on. Other ways of getting backlinks are by other people linking to your site. Here is  an example of a back link right now so you can understand.    The text in blue is a clickable hyperlink, and it leads to another website. However the site that gets the back-link credit is www.Greauxyourbusiness.com since that is where the link takes you.



Google recently incorporated reviews into how it ranks your website. While this is more for service based companies and brick and mortar businesses than companies selling digital products bad reviews online can kill your business quick. The worst thing about reviews is that it’s easier to get someone to review your business for something bad than good. NOLA Graphics recommends our expert Reputation Management service.

Social Bookmarking and Social Sharing –

social bookmarking

On every social media account that you or your web developer create you will want to put a link to your website. That is called Social Bookmarking. Having social media accounts that point to your website is great but you need to find the best way to post quality content to those sites and have it liked and shared. Every time someone likes and shares your content  that creates a social bookmark. And google now relies heavily on this when deciding if they would like to put your page on page one. One amazing tool you can install on your website is SUMOME It allows for others to share any page of your content just by clicking a button. If you NOLA Graphics to install it for you we can provide that service as well just contact us.

Mobile Responsive-


Did your website used to be on the first page of google  and it’s not any more? Well if your website isn’t mobile responsive you can be almost sure your not showing up on the fist page of google. Old websites that are HTML based  may need someone that is Proficient at CSS to optimize them for mobile. This sometime can be more expensive than creating a mobile responsive website from scratch.  The team at NOLA Graphics specializes in SEO optimized mobile responsive web design and development. Hosting your website on our lightning fast state of the art servers keeps your page load speed super fast as well.

Page Speed –


If the website loads slow visitors aren’t going to like it and may bounce even before it loads. The team at Google know this and has already factored page speed into it’s algorithm.  Click here for our Free SEO Score and Page Speed Test. It’s always best practice to host your website on a fast server. Dedicated servers can be expensive but a good VPS Server is always an option.

Domain Age –

The age of your domain can have a significant effect your search results. Domains that are seasoned, 5+ years old have a level of priority  6 month old domains don’t have.  Basically it’s like having a credit history. If your website has been producing steady quality content for 10 years and someone posting the same amount of quality content comes along. The fist page of google prevalence will be given to the more aged domain. However don’t fret about this I have seen domains that are 1 year old blow past the competition by focusing Quality SEO Content Writing, SEO Optimized do follow back-links, and social bookmarking.


Research Keywords Before Choosing Your Domain Name.

Sometimes it may seem weird to have your most target keyword in your domain name. If getting to the fist page of google is a priority. It’s good to have something in your domain name that relates to your target audience.

Google has a keyword analyzer that is found in AdWords called Keyword Planner.

Page one of google isn’t easy or quick.


Getting to the fist page of google is never easy or quick. It requires hours of hard work and dedication. This process can take upwards of 6 months to a year depending on how aggressive you are. How often you update your content is important. Once your on the first page you have to say active publishing new content in order to stay there. NOLA Graphics recommends hiring one of our SEO experts to get site ranking on the fist page of google. a

The best thing of being on the fist page is after you get there it’s usually fairly easy to maintain that rank, once your there.


If you enjoyed this article please tell us about it in the comments. If we missed anything please let us know.

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