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How do I choose keywords?

How do I choose keywords?

How do I choose keywords?

In order to make a list of keywords, write down on a piece of paper single words or short phrases that you think others would use in a search engine to try to find your product or service. List 50 to 100 words or phrases.

For example, if your site is focused on Fishing Equipment. When someone uses “fishing equipment” as keywords in a search, you want your web page to be listed in the results towards the top. Each page should have different keywords that relate to that page’s specific content. For example, another page about “fish lures” should have “fish lures” included in that pages keywords.

List your keywords as phrases two or more words long. This will help distinguish your sites from the thousands of others with a single keyword. Instead of using keywords like “fishing, equipment” you should also use phrases like “fishing equipment”, “fishing supplies”, or “bright fish lures”.

The more important the keyword or phrase; the sooner it should be listed in the list of 50-100. All other keywords and phrases should be listed in the order of most important to least important. Do not right the same keyword over and over as this may be considered spamming and the site may be ignored. Also limit your keywords as some engines use a scoring method where it counts how often your keyword appears in proportion to the number of keywords.

Here is how your keywords should look:

<meta name=”keywords” content=”Glass, wholesale glass, art glass, etched glass, blown glass, glass ornament, cut glass, glass sculpture, decorative glass, crystal bell, handmade glass, angelfish, glass fish, dinner bell, genuine crystal, lead, decorative, pressed glass, glass design, etched glass, glass rose, gold-plated, glass dolphin, ice, carved glass, glass eagle, glass elephant, etc…”>

Be sure to use the plural of words when possible. For example: use hoses instead use hose. This way, people searching for either a hose or hoses will find you.