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Are page layout & content important?

Are page layout & content important?

Are page layout & content important?

Yes, some search engines ignore meta tags completely and get all information from page layout and content. Even if a search engine still uses Meta tags, page layout and content has a strong influence over search engine positioning. For proper search engine optimization, your keywords must appear throughout the body content. Put them at the top, middle, and bottem. The most important keywords should be Headings. This places importance on them and some search engines use this when ranking.

The number of times a keyword appears on a page affects the ranking. Avoid writting the same word over and over as this is considered spamming an may cause the site to be ignored.
Are Headings important?
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Many Search Engines give a higher ranking to pages with text placed in certain areas of the web page and formatted a certain way. One example of this is a Header or Heading. A Header or Heading is large print or subtitles on a page. This is text placed at the top of your web page and formatted with header tags. Headings appear in various sizes and are controlled by the HTML tags <H1>, to <H6>. Below is the Heading code and sizes :

<H1>Insert header here</H1>

H1 Is This Size

H2 Is This Size

H3 Is This Size

H4 Is This Size

H5 Is This Size
H6 Is This Size