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Books I will be reviewing

Books I will be reviewing

So I just purchased a few books I’ll highlight them here and over the next few weeks I’ll be reviewing some of the things I have learned from the books on here. My intent is to try to do a post for every “chapter review” I come across

ok now on to the books:

This book looks fantastic! I have started reading it and while much of it is a review of things I have learned over the years its great to see it outlined as a specific part of the process.
This is indeed one of the books that alot of information on this blog will be coming from. I haven’t stopped underlining things in it since i got it!
Writing on the web is VERY from writing for any other medium! I have for long a time tried to convince clients that its not enough to just grab your brochures and copy the exact same text onto the website. I find MANY free-lancersers’ and even some agencies still do this. In fact my former employer was famous for this. One of the sites they launched while I was there which demonstrates this is very well is Millennium Healthcare. After reading the copy within the site you can kinda gather that it came right out of a printed brochure:

  • There are no clear calls to action to direct you to perform any sort of goal
  • Much of the copy is long winded

From what i can see there are 3 main points this book focuses on that it outlines in the beginning as the:


  1. Don’t Make Your website look like an ad
  2. Stop readers dead in their tracks
  3. Capture email addresses

I cant wait to read more of this book as content is king and this guide indeed will help!

This book looks hilarious! Its one of those books that you don’t necessarily read all the way through but your read a page or 2 a day to get inspiration. The premise of the book is to give you inspiration for writing your blog by showing funny examples of what other people have blogged about.

Check out the intro:

Jacob Likes: music, movies, pepperoni pizza, and hanging out with friends. Shelly spends more time with parakeets than most. Today Beth went to work came home, watched the Daily show(which is hilarious, btw), and had a Jenny Craig Island Chicken Meal (which was decent btw).

Have your eyes glazed over yet? Yeah mine too.

The popularity of blogging amazes and inspires m. Here are millions of people who’ve found a format that makes them eager to publish. For many bloggers, their sites are the first place they’ve voluntarily written or produced a project in their lives. This is huge. Its a renissance in personal expression! It’s an astonishing historical record! its the voice of an entire people! its an Awesome way to K.I.T.!

So why aren’t English teachers high fiving each other in the streets?
Well, let’s examine that first post more closely:
Hello, World!
Okay and the second?
I had a cheese sandwich today. It was delicious.
Mmm hmm… the third?
I don’t know what to write about.
I see

So my theory is this. Like any endavor, you make a choice when you start a blog. you either put in some effort to make something engaging and creative that builds community or you toss a “me-too” on to the growing pile of repetitive, navel-gazing content.

So how do you avoid “me-too” syndrome? Well the answer is conveniently located right in your hands. No One Cares What You Had for Lunch gives you the inspiration you need to create posts that will keep visitors coming back. Use the hundred suggestions to stock your blog with fresh content and help make blogging fun again. your site will rock so hard that you will gaze upon your typing fingers in wonder.

Well thats all for now I should have another shipment of books coming in so theres indeed more to come keep posted! Be looking for tutorials and more on here as I read these books!